We all know which famous series from A Few Good Gents , ‘You want fact? You can’t handle the truth! ‘ It’s very hard sometimes to manage the facts around the college ecosystem and what your daughter or son will be exposed to whilst living for campus. Quite often we would somewhat remain ignorant.

When my favorite daughter along with son had been teenagers many of us used the period TMI (too much information). As they jogged off to college and the Maritime Corps, I recently found myself implementing that phrase more often when they wanted to inform me connected with risks among the taken or maybe went in detailed information of their collegue’s sex sortie (ewww… TMI! )

Too much information is usually a bit disastrous at times. However , having the SUITABLE information can and will ease your mind as your college-bound youngster prepares with regard to college in addition to leaving home. As vein, Let me share various helpful web sites that I gathered while reading through The Most happy Kid upon Campus by Harlan Cohen. (Check away my overview of the e book and decide on yourself way up a copy).

Students with Disabilities

But if your college-bound teen has a learning disability, you’ll want to know the methods and products on campus that give these people the proper school support. You are able to follow the link below from Department of Education to sit and learn about the products and assistance that are given in post-secondary education. Okumaya devam et PARENTS EQUIPPED TO HANDLE FACT?